Clone Your Clothes Workshop

Since starting Eli-b Create and Sew, I’ve had so many requests where people have been wanting to learn to sew their own clothes and that’s how the Introduction to Dressmaking Course came into existence.

Since then there have been a number of requests about learning how to re-create a favorite item of clothing from your wardrobes that fits like a glove, makes you feel like a million dollars, but is a little bit tired, and you just wish you had a second one just like it.

As I’m passionate about sewing and teaching others how to make well fitted clothing, I’ve decided to add a class exactly for this purpose. So if this is what you are after, then this is the class for you. I will teach you to make a clone of your long loved favorite piece of clothing.

Please bear in mind that the more detail your chosen garment has (darts, gathers, pleats, tucks, panels, etc), the more difficult and time consuming your project will be, so your chosen garment may take longer than the three sessions.

We will break about half way through each session for refreshments, as sewing is thirsty work for mind and body therefore it’s only natural that there will be plenty of tea, coffee and cake to keep us going!

PLEASE NOTE: If the garment of choice is complex and you do not finish in the three sessions and still require assistance, then you may need to book another session to complete your garment (see The Hive Sewing Club) should you wish, or finish it at home whatever suits your preference.

Session 1

  • Making a pattern from your garment
  • Homework: Buy, wash and press your fabric ready for the next class

Materials required for Session 1:

Your favourite clothing item to copy.

Session 2

  • Lay and cut out your project and start sewing your new garment together:

Please note: Depending on the complexity of your garment, you may need to do a little sewing at home for homework.

Materials required for Session 2:

Fabric of a similar weight to your garment to create your clone out of and sewing notions: ie. Matching threads, sewing machine needles, zippers, buttons, etc. The type of fabric and quantity required will be advised on at the end of the first session.

Session 3

  • Perfecting the fit
  • Finishing the garment and pattern so you are ready to make many more at home

Level: 2-3. This is an intermediate level class, and not suitable for complete dressmaking beginners. You will need to have some knowledge of sewing and seam allowances and what they mean, or have done the Intermediate Sewing Course and or Introduction to Dressmaking Course. If you have sewn years ago and want to freshen up this is a great way to do just that.

Class Length: Three, 3 hour sessions

Max in a class: 4

Price: £170

I also carry a stock of fabrics and haberdashery should you wish to purchase on the day (card payment facility available). or you can also browse and buy fabrics at our online fabric shop.