Make your own “Boro” Style Bag

To create a “Boro” style bag, we will be:  piecing, patching, stitching and quilting various sizes of  small fabric (cotton, silk, velvet), colour and pattern to create effect.    A simple running stitch, in contrasting thread, will be used to secure the fabric layers together.   Handles, bag lining and the top / bottom of the bag will be added. 

Note:  your patches do not have to be square or rectangular.  Making use of scrap fabric is just as much fun. 

I have sewing machines available for use during the sessions, but if you do have your own sewing machine, I would recommend you bring it along so that you can become more and more confident in using your machines features.

We will break about half way through for refreshments, as sewing is thirsty work for mind and body therefore it’s only natural that there will be plenty of tea, coffee and cake to keep us going!

Overview :

You will be making :

  • 2 x Exterior Bag Panels
  • 2 x Handles in Lining Fabric
  • 2 x Bottom Base Panels in Lining Fabric
  • 2 x Top Sleeve in Lining Fabric
  • 2 x Lining

Materials required for this course:

Please note that the measurements in this document are for guidance purposes only. 

For Lesson 1 you will not require your sewing machine.

You can make this bag to any size by altering the size of your Calico base fabric layer.

  • Please make sure you have enough scrap fabric, wadding, lining and base fabric (calico). 
  • Assorted fabric scraps for patching including plain, stripped, woven patterns.  The amount that you will require will depend on how you arrange the scraps and the size of the bag you wish to make.  Your patches do not have to be square or rectangular. 
  • 2 x Base Fabric, such as Calico (for each of your bag panels).  Size 14 x 14” unless you wish to make a larger bag. 
  • 2 x Wadding 10” wide by 19” long (this allows for the joining of plain fabric to the top and bottom of your Boro design bag)
  • 2 x Plain fabric such as linen or something similar; Size 10 x 4” for the bottom; and 10 x 2” for the top.  2 x handles / strips approximately 3” x 22”
  • 2 x Lining; Size 14 x 14”
  • Perle Thread for top stitching of design
  • Cotton for sewing (required for Lesson 2)
  • Embroidery needle with sharp needle point; Lots of pins!
  • Heat ‘n Bond Adhesive
  • 505 Adhesive Spray Glue

Level: 1 – Beginner

Class Length: Three, 3 hour sessions

Max in a class: 5

Price: £170

I also carry a stock of fabrics and haberdashery should you wish to purchase on the day (card payment facility available). or you can also browse and buy fabrics at our online fabric shop.